What/who is tokyoluv?
My name is Guillaume Marcotte. I started tokyoluv.com as a WordPress blog in 2009 when I first move in Japan on a working holiday visa. I kept the URL and now it serves me as a hub for everything related to my photography.
What camera do you used?
This is by far the question I get the most in private message on social media and emails. The straight answer is; a Nikon D610. The other answer is; it doesn't matter. I'm using a Nikon because I had a good deal on a D80 in 2007 and I've bought a bunch of Nikon lens over the years. But if you are asking this question because you are looking to create photos similar to mine, the camera model you get is really not important.
My pieces of advice for people looking to buy their first DSLR is the same two since I've started photography. First, buy used, there are insane deals out there because people love to upgrade for no reason. Second, buy from the same brand that a friend or family member is using, so they can lend you lens and help you out to understand your camera.
What lens do you use?
I only use prime lens. I currently own :
Do you live in Japan?
Not anymore, I currently live in Montreal, Canada. I do go back to Japan every year to see some friends, take some photos and eat some onigiri.
How do you edit your photos to give them that special look?
I've written a guide on how I shoot and edit photos in post process. It's available here and also accessible on amazon kindle. I've also created a collection of preset to use in Lightroom.
How long have you been doing photography?
I got my first camera in 2006 and sold my first photo in 2010. I've been taking photos everyday since then.